Walnut Sideboard – Cutting Dovetails

Before marking and cutting the through dovetails I prepped the inside surfaces of my drawer fronts, sides and backs. I then marked and numbered them clearly and laid out all the marking and cutting tools needed for the job.

Fronts, sides and back ready for marking out and cutting dovetails


Dovetail pins marked out ready for cutting

Due to the layout of the tails and the fine gap between them, it was necessary to shape a chisel on the grinder, so as to pare between them.

Dovetails marked out and drilled with clearance holes

After cutting the tails and shoulders with a dovetail saw, I drilled clearance holes to help with removing the waste.

Cutting out waste from between the dovetails


Side and front grooved for drawer bottom

I  ran a groove in the fronts and sides of the drawers for the bottoms to be fitted later.

Dovetail pins and tails cut and cleaned


Cut dovetails laid out ready for glueing

After a little clean up, all the dovetails are complete and laid out ready for gluing up.


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