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Level up your craft and bring your ideas to life in wood

Delve into the world of fine furniture making in England’s first ‘World Craft City’ with compelling courses for complete beginners to aspiring professionals. Leave with a remarkable sense of accomplishment, enthusiasm and the confidence to push ahead with your own dream plans.
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How It Works

Let’s take your craft to the next level …

1. Choose a furniture making course

There are woodworking classes and furniture making courses for every ability; whether you are a complete beginner, have some woodworking experience, or an aspiring professional, you will find exciting hands-on courses that will take your craft to levels you never thought possible.
Aidan McEvoy teaching the art of fine furniture making
Furniture Making Worksho[

2. Learn in England’s first ‘World Craft City’

You will find a warm welcome at the workshop, situated on a beautiful farm away from the hustle and bustle of digital life.

It’s just a few minutes from the market town of Farnham in the rolling Surrey hills. Farnham is famous for its Georgian streets, historic buildings and craft heritage.

It’s the first town in England to have been awarded prestigious ‘World Craft City’ status, making it the perfect place to further your own craft.

3. Experience hands-on furniture making training in a relaxed friendly atmosphere

Our ethos is learning by making, your course will be hands-on from the get-go using our high quality tools.

Master craftsman and craftswomen, selected not only for their skill but also their ability to teach, will freely share their incredible knowledge and experience with a relaxed approach, infectious enthusiasm and friendly humour.

You will learn the processes and techniques through carefully explained practical demonstrations that will go through the how and the why. You’ll then have a go yourself, achieving levels of refinement you would never have thought you were capable of.

We have a high ratio of teachers to students to ensure you receive individual attention, are able to raise questions and get tailored feedback on what you are doing. Whether you know a lot or nothing at all, you will never feel held back or left behind.

Be prepared to learn a lot, and laugh whilst doing it.

Teaching a student woodworking. The teacher is holding some wood and the student is cutting.A furniture making student using a square with a plane.
Julia Main who completed an AM Fine Furniture Making Course

4. Use your new woodworking skills to bring your ideas to life

You will leave the course with an amazing sense of achievement, full of enthusiasm to use what you’ve learnt.

The traditional and contemporary techniques and processes you will have practised will instil you with the confidence to push ahead with your own projects.

We’re always there for follow-up questions should you need us.

If you're ready to learn furniture making, we can teach you!

We have courses for every ability so you will never be out of your depth
Complete Beginners
Learn fundamental woodworking skills, surprise yourself with a beautiful piece of your own making, and leave with the skills and confidence to start your own projects at home.
Experienced Hobbyists
Take your woodworking experience to the next level, mastering core techniques and skills that will have you producing work that exceeds expectations with a rejuvenated enthusiasm for the craft.
Aspiring Professionals
Fancy a career change? Develop dazzling fine furniture making skills and an exceptional level of craft with our long-term professional courses that will ensure you are ready to make your mark in the industry.

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Not sure which course is right for you?

Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to give you some guidance!
If you are looking for something specific we are happy to design a bespoke course around your requirements and aspirations.

Previous Student Reviews

G Will
G Will
I recently completed the 'Fundamentals Part 1' course with Aidan as the instructor. It's a 2 day course and has really given me new confidence to try new projects. Aidan is a true master of his craft and his portfolio speaks for itself. You'll learn so much under his tutelage. The atmosphere is relaxed but well structured and you'll learn so much in such a short space of time and have a giggle too. You leave the course with an increased knowledge in so many areas. I cant recommend this course enough for anyone wishing to get involved with wood work.
iurie galateanu
iurie galateanu
Amazing, professional, I have learned so many things in a very short period of time. Can’t wait to start next step. Thank you guys. Respect.
Christopher McLean
Christopher McLean
I took part in Fundamentals Part 1 training course offered by AM Fine Furniture as someone interested in improving my skills for personal use. Overall I’m very pleased with the course. Aidan is a master of his craft and a very friendly and capable instructor as well. I found the course was just the right pace to develop a new skill. I learned a lot but felt that I also had the time to practice until I could accomplish what I wanted. I came away with a strong sense of achievement and piece of work that I’m very proud off. It was a pleasure to see the workshop and use the many quality tools provided for our task. I now feel prepared and know how to start my own small projects at home. There is much still to learn but it’s a very good foundation on which I am building.
ben g
ben g
I did the 2 day, Fundamentals 1 course a couple of weekends ago and really enjoyed it. Aidan is friendly and informative, the workshop and location are great and I learnt an awful lot. I will definitely be doing the Fundamentals 2 course.
Nick Tarling
Nick Tarling
I recently completed a 2 day fundamentals course over a weekend and really enjoyed it. Aidan makes it enjoyable and interesting, always open to questions and conversation (& not just about furniture making).
Tony Payton
Tony Payton
I attended the two day fundamentals (part 1) course in July 2020. This had been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Prior to the course Aidan had phoned to discuss how to proceed and what actions he had taken to keep things safe. Even before we had met this demonatrated to me his professionalism - he is not a box ticker or just out to make money. Aidan spent quite some time on the phone discussing options for a workbench - this proved invaulable. The course itself was very well paced and useful. No major revelations on the whole as I had done a lot of research beforehand (being retired) but it is so much better to have an expert demonstrating the various techniques and the reasoning behind various practices. Being able to raise questions as he explains and getting feedback on what you are doing is essential - something you can't get from even the best YouTube video or book. I look forward to returning at some time in the future.
Ian Price
Ian Price
I attended parts 1 and 2 of the fundamentals course. Aidan is an exceptional tutor and sets out his courses in a way where you don't feel pressured to finish things to a specific schedule and that you have ample opportunity to ask questions throughout the day. Great for beginners having the trial and error approach so well catered for. The environment in the course is relaxed and welcoming, and this leads to a great experience throughout - I got on well with all of the people I attended the courses with, and that made it an even more enjoyable experience. I'll definitely be looking to attend more courses in future, can't recommend these highly enough.
Daniel Stock
Daniel Stock
I took a 3 month course with Aidan last year and was starting as total beginner. Before starting, Aidan took the time to chat through the course content, and get to understand my reasons for taking it, and gave me a tour of the workshops. There were three other students who had started before me, so were progressing on other projects, but this didn’t affect the time Aidan took to demonstrate techniques on a one-to-one basis. I found his way of teaching to be extremely professional and of a very high standard, which really came through in my own work. I found myself producing pieces of a quality I would never have expected to have achieved in such a short time. I look back fondly at my time in the workshop, and I find myself telling everyone of what such a great experience I had, and have plans of returning as soon as I am able. Aidan has even been gracious enough to give me his time on the phone when I have had questions on work I am doing at home. I would highly recommend Aidan as a tutor for those of all abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Workshop? Will I need transportation?
The Workshop is situated just outside Farnham, Surrey. If you are coming by car, you can find us just off the A31 from Farnham to Alton. If you are coming by train, you would need to take a 5 minute taxi trip from the station.
When is the workshop open?
The Workshop is officially open Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5pm, with additional opening times for weekend courses.
Are there workshop images on your site?
Yes! Please see our ‘work in images’ section for photographs.
How can I pay?
If you order anything from our website shop or book a course, we happily accept credit card, PayPal and bank transfer.
Who are the furniture making courses for?
The courses are or anyone who would like to learn about woodworking and furniture making, or who would like to improve their woodworking skill and knowledge. Aidan has taught people from all walks of life from an engineer who wanted a change in career, to school leaver looking to take the first steps as a designer maker, and even a soldier coming out of the army. Please note that we are unable to accept applications from anyone under the age of 18 at the start of their course.
How many people do you teach at one time?
Aidan does not teach more than five students per course to assure sufficient individual tutoring time.
How are Aidan McEvoy’s furniture making courses different?
The courses Aidan offers are based on the principle of making. Although some theoretical knowledge will be involved, the emphasis lies in ‘learning by making’. The small group size allows Aidan to give individual attention and tuition to all participants, so they can learn and make at their own pace. The courses are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills that they can take away and practice at home or at Aidan’s workshop, to become confident and independent in their woodworking ability.
What can I expect to achieve?
Aidan’s furniture making courses are designed to help students work towards a high level of skill and genuine expertise. Like anything worth doing well this takes time and effort. To get the most from any of the courses you will need patience, focus and a willingness to keep trying if you find something difficult – there will be lots of support to help you over any hurdles. After you go home Aidan strongly recommends that you practice what you have learned so that your skills keep improving and they become second nature. This is particularly important if you decide to take additional courses, as it will help you take the next steps towards becoming a fine furniture maker.
What are the course fees and when are they due?
The fees for each course vary and can be found on the course description page. The bespoke courses will be priced on an individual basis. A place is secured for you by a non-returnable deposit of 50% of the course fees, to be paid in sterling when booking. The rest is due 30 calendar days before the start of a course (we will send an invoice). If you are booking a course less than 30 calendar days before the start of the course, the full amount is payable. We must stress that course fees must be paid at the start of the course without exception.
Can I cancel a course?
The Workshop is situated just outside Farnham, Surrey. If you are coming by car, you can find us just off the A31 from Farnham to Alton. If you are coming by train, you would need to take a 5 minute taxi trip from the station.

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