Long-Term Furniture Making Courses

Aidan with long-term furniture making course students

Our full time courses provide high quality and hands-on training in a friendly professional workshop environment.

They cover a broad range of both traditional and contemporary furniture making techniques and methods, delivered through a series of process driven projects that progressively build skills and knowledge. The emphasis is on Learning by Making to achieve a high level of

All our full time furniture courses are aimed at those who want to develop an exceptional level of fine furniture making skills and experience.

The course curriculum taught at the Furniture School is the result of over three years of preparation, testing and research, in collaboration with leading furniture makers, designers and organisations.

Furniture Making and Furniture Design

Our professional full time woodworking courses focus exclusively on learning to make fine furniture to a high level of Craftsmanship. We teach furniture design separately.

Our initial approach of treating furniture making and furniture design as separate learning objectives is more productive for the student, as it enables greater focus on each element.

By starting with learning how to make furniture students who later chose to study design already have a strong practical understanding of thefield. Those who have taken this route are better able to take a holistic view, seamlessly bringing the elements of design and making together to create outstanding results.

If you are interested in both designing and making your own furniture please take a look at our furniture design course.

Furniture Making Course Comparison Chart

  3 Month Course 6 Month Course 12 Month Course
Hand Tool preparation and selection * * *
Wood preparation by hand * * *
Sharpening * * *
Hand Cut Joinery * * *
Abrasives * * *
Wood finishing * * *
Adhesives * * *
Solid Wood Material Science * * *
Personal timber library * * *
Glue up * * *
Project management introduction * * *
Workshop Health & Safety * * *
Workshop drafting * * *
Social Media * * *
Timber Yard Visits * * *
Veneering   * *
Parquetry   * *
Marquetry   * *
Laminating   * *
Curved work and organic shapes   * *
Ironmongery   * *
Power Tools   * *
Machine Shop Health & Safety   * *
Woodwork Machinery   * *
Machine Joints   * *
CAD   * *
Project management   * *
Designer makers and Furniture Workshop Visits   * *
Advanced Glue up     *
Cabinet Construction     *
Prototyping and advanced jig making     *
Batch production runs     *
Seat Weaving     *
Advanced Material Science     *
Advanced project management     *
Long-Term Courses Overview June 13, 2019