Bespoke Bookcases, Fitted Bookshelves & Alcove Units

Bespoke Fitted Bookcase in Walnut
Bespoke Bookcase in Walnut - side view

We can design, build and fit bespoke fitted bookcases for any room in any style.

From fitted shelves and alcove units to bespoke free-standing bookcases we can provide a made to measure solution to fit for your room perfectly in style as well as in size and proportion.

This walnut bookcase features panelled doors with matched veneer and gently curved recessed handles.

Bespoke Walnut Bookcase - room setting

Our bookcases are exclusively handmade, with the kind of attention to detail both in the design and the craftsmanship that is only possible with bespoke furniture.

We can provide bookcases in any wood and finish you wish, and can advise on the most appropriate choices for your purpose. We can provide spray painted finishes in any colour and natural wood finishes across the colour spectrum, from this dark walnut bookcase to the lighter shades of the alcove bookcase below.


Fitted Alcove Bookcases

Bespoke Alcove Bookshelves

This fitted alcove bookcase maximises the available shelving space whilst providing a dedicated space for taller items.

Alcove Bookcase in Cherry

The warm glow of Cherry complements this room setting.


We also design and fit complete libraries, studies and home offices.