Care of Bespoke Furniture

The care of your bespoke furniture in your home can affect the longevity and functionality of the piece so to insure you can cherish and enjoy you piece for many years to come, there are some general care instructions for you to follow.

Timber is a natural product and prone to movement and colour variations, which are increased by large variations in climatic conditions in your home, such as humidity, temperature and direct sunlight.

If you are seeking a bespoke after-care service please enquire directly here to discuss your requirements further.

1. Avoid placing you furniture in prolonged direct sunlight, as this can cause some timbers to fade, and in most cases break down oil/lacquer finishes.
2. Try not to place your furniture too close to a radiator, but if this in unavoidable make the transitional a gradual one and allow the wood to acclimatise.
3. Use either a dry soft duster (microfibre) or cotton cloth to dust your furniture. Never use silicone based polishes or cleaners on your furniture, as they work by removing a thin layer of oil/lacquer and it will quickly tarnish the finish.
4. If you wish to place a vase of flowers on your furniture, ensure you place protection under the vase, as water can damage the surface of furniture.
5. Try to keep temperature and humidity levels in the environment where the piece is placed as regular as possible from winter to summer.
6. Try to avoid placing glasses, cups, or hot objects directly onto the surface of the piece. Strong heat or liquid, particularly alcohol can permanently mark the finish.
7. Protect your furniture from scratches by placing felt pads to the underside of items displayed on them.

Furniture Care April 17, 2014