Walnut Sideboard – Handmade Hinges

Due to the unique design of the door handles, it was necessary to make two pairs of brass pivot hinges for the centre doors as they could not be bought of the shelf at the Ironmongers.

I worked out the pivot points and clearances needed by drawing the hinges in CAD before starting to make them.

Brass sheet stock and bar ready for cutting

I cut the hinges from 4mm brass sheet stock and 5mm brass bar.

Handmade hinges drilled out for the pivots

I then drilled out the hinges for the 5mm pivot points.

Rough shaping the brass pivot hinges

After putting the parts together I rough shaped them on the disc sander.

Final shaping and cleaning of hinges on a diamond slip

Final fine shaping on the diamond pad.

Drilling out screw holes and countersinking in the brass hinges

I then drilled out the screw holes and countersunk them.

Finished handmade brass pivot hinge


The completed brass pivot hinges

The completed pivot hinges ready for fitting.


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