Professional Furniture Making Students’ Work

  Curved Laminate Sides Layout  

One of our 12-month professional furniture making students is currently working on the course’s Laminating & Veneering module. The project for this module is a curved wall cabinet.

This wall-mounted cabinet has a number of challenging aspects which develops the student’s knowledge in mould-making, templates, and jig making, as well as laminate and hand-cut veneer preparation.

Design Concept Curved Wall Cabinet  

This cabinet is particularly challenging as it involves the inset-hanging of a door, with a double curvature front. This can be a real head-scratcher when planning the choice of ironmongery.

She started by hand-drafting the whole project on a drawing board. Then transferring this information onto working rods. These were used to make templates to cut the moulds.

  Curved Cabinet Drafting  

She then used these moulds to first press the hand-cut laminations of English Walnut in the vacuum bag press.

  Vacuum Pressing Sides of Curved Cabinet  

She then made another set of templates, which assisted with shaping the side panels.

  Routing Jig for Curved Sides Routing Housing into Curved Sides  

One of the more challenging processes in this project was figuring out how to cut the housing joint into the curved sides that the shelves would fit into. As their ends had to be perpendicular to the centre line of the cabinet. She achieved this by making the large jig as pictured.

  Spokeshaving Curved Side Panels   Curved Cabinet Dry Fit  

After spokeshaving the curved side panels and dry-fitting, next steps will be preparing and installing the back panel, made from exceptionally beautiful spalted Walnut.


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