Walnut Sideboard – Veneered Panels

Below we can see one of the longer panels with its side lippings already glued on and the front lippings mortised and ready to be glued up.

Panels with walnut lippings

And here the two smaller panels having their side lippings glued up.

Panels with side lippings being glued up

I marked up the veneers, cut them and prepared them into packs.

Veneers cut and prepped into packs

Trimming the packs in a router set up.

A pack of veneers sandwiched between two sheets of MDF and then trimmed with a bearing cutter on the router.

Veneers sandwiched between MDF for trimming

Some of the packs trimmed and ready for taping together.

Trimmed packs ready for taping

Book matching the veneer leafs prior to taping.

Book matching veneer leafs

It’s best only to tape together enough veneers to press in one day. If the veneers are taped and left overnight the sellotape tends to stretch and can pull apart, causing glue lines during pressing.

Starting to tape together the individual veneer leafs

Taping together veneers.

Two veneer leafs taped together

Using a small veneer roller to apply pressure to the tape.

Taping the third strip


Three veneer strips taped for one panel

Once they’re taped together the veneers can be held up to the light to see if there are any gaps between the leafs of veneer.

Dry run - panels and their veneers

Dry run – all the panels laid out with their corresponding veneers on the pressing platens.

Veneer vacuum press


Pullin a good vacuum on the veneer press

With the urea formaldehyde based glue applied and in the press, pulling  a good  vacuum of about 13psi.

One of the veneered panels as removed next morning

The next morning, after taking the veneered panels out of the bag press, I removed the tape and scraped off any glue that had squeezed out during the night.

One of the veneered panels after cleaning up

The veneered panel scraped, sanded and ready for cutting.


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