Handmade Legs for a Bespoke Sideboard

To keep the sideboard legs stable I decided to make them with a birch ply core and solid walnut mitred corners.

Legs glued and clamped

Gluing up the core then 2 sides, then core and two sets of sides, took time and all the small clamps in the workshop.

Sideboard legs glued and clamped


legs glued and clamped up


Blocks used to aid glue-up

Here you can see all the blocks that aided the glue up. They were attached with glue and paper joint to allow easy removal afterwards.

sideboard legs with mortises cut

Cutting out the mortises. You can just see the birch ply core.


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  1. Adian.
    I was pointed in the direction of this website by the guy who commissioned your walnut and sycamore sideboard.
    Over the last few months I have been monitoring your progress from afar during the creation of this wonderful work of art.

    What has become evident is that the attention to detail that you demonstrate in your carpentry skills also manifest itself in the informative way with which you describe the journey of creation on your website. You appear rightly proud of your work; this comes across well on your website both pictorially and verbally and reads like an entertaining novel.

    The attention to detail and high standards you have demonstrated during the production of this sideboard is something that is rarely seen these days. The beautiful symmetrical direction and matching of the wood grain really draws the eye and has created, out of what is essentially a natural feature, a principle decorative effect.

    The duel cultural influences of traditional English and Japanese craftsmanship ensure that this is truly a unique design.

    I am of the opinion that, as a result of spectacular craftsmanship, in years to come, your furniture will be regarded as the Chippendale of its time.

    Nick Roberts.

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