Milling and Drying Timber

  Milling flamed beech with chainsaw mill It has long been the plan to convert our own timber to use in the workshop and for our students to make bespoke furniture. This year, the plan finally came to fruition when we were milling and drying our first logs of flamed beech back in March.
chainsaw milling flamed beech log

Chainsaw milling of flamed beech log in March '19

I then stacked the boards in stick and covered them from the elements for up to 2 years. After this time their moisture content should be on average about 18%.
Milling and drying flamed beech

Flamed beech, air dried since Feb '18


Kiln Dried

Back in early 2018, I had two logs of beech milled in a sawmill and delivered to the Workshop. These are now ready to be dried further in the timber drying kiln. With our system, this part of the process takes about 2-3 weeks and brings the timber moisture content down to 8%. This is ideal for interior woodwork and furniture.
stacking kiln with beech boards

Stacking boards in kiln

Nearly all of the flamed beech that I convert into kiln dried timber is earmarked for the Moroubo Workbench Course. This, together with the stunning marble figured grain of the flamed beech log which I cut back in March at 4m (13ft) long will make for beautiful workbench tops!   ... only three more oak logs to go.  

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