The Finished Walnut Sideboard – A Bespoke Creation

Walnut Sideboard - Front

From the beginning of this project the emphasis on craftsmanship and honesty in its construction through exposed joints and use of grain direction was at the forefront of the design of this walnut sideboard.

Sideboard Drawers and Doors

With tapering legs and through wedged tenons giving weight and solidity, countered by the use of grain direction on it drawers and under arching chamfer on its top. All accentuate the Japanese Temple feel to the piece.

Bespoke Sideboard - End View


Walnut Sideboard - Cutlery Drawer

The centre drawer laid out for silverware with sycamore and dark navy baize placements.

Dovetail detail

The scooped division between the drawers allows a passing glimpse of the through dovetails, which leads down to the sculpted tapering handles.

Sideboard Door Handles