The Final Stages of a Bespoke Wooden Sideboard

The walnut top, which was jointed and left to settle for more than a month, was sanded and cut to size.

Jointed walnut top laid on the sideboard

The curves which gives the top its ‘lift’ were marked on and the excess  material was removed with a number of spokeshaves and a hand plane. A small pencil round detail was added, with a small block plane, to take the sharpness of the corners.

Curved chamfered edges on the walnut top


Discussing detail of the door handles

Yours truly fitting the doors and discussing the handle details with a friend I trained with.

Angled chamfer on door handle ends

Here I added a little angle cut detail to the door handles. Small details like this really add to the piece.

Bespoke sideboard with the top fitted

Fully assembled!


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