Walnut Sideboard – Veneered Door Panels

Veneers cut into strips

The hand cut veneers that were put aside a few months ago have been thicknessed to 2.8mm and cut into strips which will be used to make up the veneered door panels.

Hand jointing veneer strips on a shooting board

Each strip was then jointed by hand on a shooting board.

Veneers cut at 52 degrees then glued together in pairs

Then cut at 52 degrees and laid out, numbered, and glued together in pairs. Then the pairs were glued together.

Quarter panels jointed then glued together to make a panel face

After the quarter panels were jointed, then glued to each other to make up a panel face.

Veneer panels laid out for selection ready to be vacuum bagged

Laid out for selection and about to be vacuum bagged.

Finished sideboard veneered door panels ready for handles

After a lot of scraping and sanding the finished door panels are ready for their handles.


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