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Walnut Sideboard – Cutting Dovetails

Walnut Sideboard - Cutting Dovetails

Before marking and cutting the through dovetails I prepped the inside surfaces of my drawer fronts, sides and backs. I then marked and numbered them clearly and laid out all the marking and cutting tools needed for the job.

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Walnut Sideboard – Handmade Hinges

Walnut Sideboard - Handmade Hinges

Due to the unique design of the door handles, it was necessary to make two pairs of brass pivot hinges for the centre doors as they could not be bought of the shelf at the Ironmongers. I worked out the pivot points and clearances needed by drawing the hinges in CAD before starting to make them.

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Walnut Sideboard – Making Door Handles

Walnut Sideboard - Making Door Handles

I removed most of the waste material with router on the  double jig seen here in the back ground. And then placed  on another jig for the next process. Shaping the  handles with purpose made scrapers, cut from high Carbon steel.

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Walnut Sideboard – Veneered Door Panels

Walnut Sideboard - Veneered Door Panels

The hand cut veneers that were put aside a few months ago have been thicknessed to 2.8mm and cut in to strips. Each strip was then jointed by hand on a shooting board.

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Walnut Sideboard – Top, Back and Sides

Walnut Sideboard - Top, Back and Sides

The sideboard top jointed up, which will be left settle for a week before being sized, then the curved chamfers put on the front and sides.

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Walnut Sideboard – Legs

Walnut Sideboard - Legs

To keep the legs stable I decided to make them with a birch ply core and solid walnut mitred corners. Gluing up the core then 2 sides, then core and two sets of sides, took time and all the small clamps in the workshop.

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